2degrees develops its ‘Second Nature’ campaign – releases a shaking hands mock

2degrees is rolling out the next phase of its new brand campaign, this time centred around its business offering, as well as introducing three new ads to its suite of creative.

The campaign follows on from its second nature campaign alongside DDB, which has exposed the oddities of how we communicate. For launch, ‘Clapping’ was one of the lead pieces of work, and to talk business, it’s the gesture of a handshake that is the subject of attention. 

The new ad prompts people to think about shaking hands, breaking down the instinctive gesture by showing slow-motion film of three different pairs of people shaking hands simultaneously.

A background voice describes the gesture, “when you have done some important business-ing with someone you instinctively reach out take their hand and begin pumping it up and down like they are low on air and you are pumping them up”.


When launching the ‘Second Nature’ campaign in March this year, chief marketing officer Roy Ong said the new brand reflected on how 2degrees is on its next rapid growth phase, particularly in business.

“The new campaign is driven by the insight that communication is second nature, and your telco shouldn’t get in the way of what comes naturally. Our job as a communications company is to keep communication flowing, effortlessly.

“Communication is second nature and shouldn’t get in the way of how you run your business. 2degrees offers solutions for start-ups and small businesses, right through to the enterprise end of the market, where we’re known for our agility. Throughout this, our focus is always on keeping the tech easy to use and the customer service local.”

To continue the story, 2degrees will be releasing three new pieces of work to the reel in the coming months:

Furthermore, 2degrees has gained recent success winning a Good Design Award in the Digital Design category, which was recognised for outstanding design and innovation for its app. 

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