24 hours of Trade Me

To keep the wheels at Trade turning 24 hours a day isn’t easy. It takes approximately 500 staff members across a range of disciplines to make sure that late-night browsers, whose minds are riding a wave of pinot, are able to click the ‘buy now’ button when they encounter some completely unnecessary—but undeniably awesome—bronze fighting rooster statuettes*. So, for its new staff recruitment video, Trade Me takes viewers on a tour through the business, showcasing the various roles that potential employees could take on by joining the company.

Shot by Stem Creative at the Trade Me headquarters in Wellington, the almost-three-minute clip follows a trio of staffers—Jeff Hunkin, Roxy Huntington and Michelle Munro—as they walk through various departments, introducing viewers an assortment of quirky characters along the way. The quirkiest of all the cameos comes from Wiremu ‘the Nightwalker’ Tuhiwai, who at first appears scary but then turns on the charm when talking to a customer. In addition to this, the tech support team, clad in their equipment, also generates a few laughs along the way. 

At the end of the clip, visitors are encouraged to visit the Trade Me careers page, where they can peruse through a number of roles the tech company is currently recruiting for.   

*This anecdote is based on an actual purchase. The buyer has many regrets, but the fighting cocks are one.  

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