100% Pure New Zealand tackles cliché travel photos

For those who have seen it all before, 100% Pure New Zealand has launched a new social campaign encouraging Kiwis to do – and share – something original this summer. 

Created with Takapuna-based agency Yarn, the campaign depicts comedian Tom Sainsbury on a mission to get New Zealanders sharing creative snaps of their domestic travels via the #DoSomethingNewNZ hashtag, rather than simply copying social media trends. 

Among the popular “hot dog legs” and “hot tub back shot” snaps is the “Summit Spreadeagle”, a pose frequently spotted on mountaintops such as Roys Peak. 

Bjoern Spreitzer, GM of Domestic at Tourism New Zealand, says: “We noticed that the same pictures or poses kept coming up, time and time again, no matter the location.”

Since launching, the campaign video has been the most shared post on Tourism New Zealand’s Instagram since 2017, more than 600 posts have used the #DoSomethingNewNZ hashtag in less than 48 hours, and video views are already sitting at 900k and counting.

It builds on the “Do Something New, New Zealand” campaign launched in May last year. 

Heath Davy, Managing Partner at Yarn, says: “The overwhelming positive response for this campaign has been amazing to see. I’ve been guilty of the odd contemplative rock photo before and love how Kiwis, and people all around the world, have enjoyed a dose of some much-needed Kiwi humour.”

100% Pure New Zealand will be monitoring the #DoSomethingNewNZ hashtag until the end of February, selecting 10 creative Kiwis to be rewarded with $500 domestic travel vouchers. 


Tourism New Zealand

General Manager Domestic: Bjoern Spreitzer

GM PR & Major Events: Lauren Vosper

Domestic PR Manager: Ellen Drower

Social Media Manager: Joan Zhang

Social Media Specialist: Zoe Parlevliet


Managing Partner & Executive Producer: Heath Davy

Creative Partners: Rich Robson & Matt Sellars

Designer: Sam Stradwick

Account Coordinator: Georgia Dance

Producer: Siobhain Hooper

Director: James Anderson

Editor: Sarah Grohnert

DOP: Cameron Betts

Camera Assist: Raj Patel

Sound Operator: Tim Brott

Colourist: Mikee Carpenter @ Commotion

Sound: Amy Barber @ Bespoke Post

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