Stoppies 2017: Stickman takes home Best Mascot Of The Year award

Your accent is a little difficult to place. What part of New Zealand do you hail from?

I was born out in the sticks. 

How do you keep your figure so trim?

I make sure the animators use a thin pencil when they’re drawing me. 

Is it tiring racing around getting New Zealand’s ‘lowest food prices’?

As someone without a digestive tract, or even a mouth, I don’t have a personal attachment to food. My nourishment comes from feeding New Zealanders, in much the same way the Briscoes lady gets a buzz from supplying everyone with affordable bed linen. 

What are some of the dangers associated with your job?

Puns and media buyers who want to put me in five-second ads.

Are you more of a lone wolf or a family man? Is there a Mrs Stickman in the picture?

FCB are my family. At least that’s what they tell me every me I enquire about my fees. 

Is it difficult dealing with all the paparazzi attention and fan mail?

If you’re a regular on TV you have to accept the fame that comes with it. I went out for a drink with the Flight Centre pilot the other night and we ended up leaving a bar through a fire exit to avoid being ‘papped’. 

What’s the secret to staying cool?

I hang out with ‘Easy As Stan’ from Mitre 10 a lot. He’s given me heaps of tips. 

  • This story originally appeared in the Special edition of NZ Marketing magazine to celebrate the Stoppies.

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