Author Dennis Kibirev

The power of good

In addition to the usual suspects of ‘market share’, ‘customer retention’ and ‘campaign ROI’, Dennis Kibirev found that warm-and-fuzzies such as ‘lives changed’, ‘worthwhile causes supported’ or ‘communities improved’ were cited at the Marketing Association’s first Not-For-Profit event last week.

Don’t be a dinosaur: data-based dispatches from the DAN Dialogue front lines

Whereas previously data analytics was confined to the laboratories of marketing research agencies, it is now becoming as commonplace in a marketing department’s arsenal of weapons as A/B testing and the now-ubiquitous brand blog. And a trio of New Zealand’s leading corporate marketers from BNZ, Farmers and Telecom shared their recent experiences of turning data interrogation into a competitive advantage at this year’s last DAN Dialogue event.