Author Alex Lawson

Diversity starts before the job interview and we’re not doing enough

Walk into any ad agency and you’ll quickly see that we are severely under-represented in Māori and Pasifika employees. An updated version of the Commercial Communications Council’s 2017 D&I study is expected later this year. The 2017 study showed that only four percent of our industry identified as Māori and only three percent as Pasifika, nowhere near their representation in the working-age population of 13 percent and six percent respectively. To be that far off is just not good enough.

Are these the end times of the traditional media agency?

With the emergence of channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, the role of the traditional media agency is being challenged, changing and by some predicted to crumble completely. ZenithOptimedia’s business director Alex Lawson questions whether we still need a media agencies when everything can go out digitally and for free.