Ads of the week: October 23

From casual DIYers to perfect avocados and raising breast cancer awareness, this week has been a goodie.

Who is it for: Enigma for Kennards Hire

Why we like it: Whether stuck down a tunnel, or underestimating a backyard project, Enigma have perfectly (and hilariously) captured how the Kennards Hire team is obsessed with making any job easy – no matter whatever, whenever or wherever that may be. The sublime comic talents of Jesse James McElroy helped Enigma deliver fresh work for the client. Bloody brilliant facials, bloody brilliant acting. 

Who is it for: Hello for Breast Cancer Cure 

Why we like it: Cleverly based on the 13th century proverb ‘For the Want of a Nail’, Hello’s work for Breast Cancer Cure reminds people that seemingly unimportant acts can have grave consequences. We’ll happily support any campaign that drives donations across breast cancer awareness month, but the thought and effort that went into this goes above and beyond – with 660 bespoke pieces of artwork, it’s a striking way to bring attention to issues affecting the country. Poignant, provoking and powerful.

Who is it for: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) for Seafood New Zealand, Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ), Beef + Lamb New Zealand, New Zealand Winegrowers, NZ Avocado

Why we like it: There’s never been a better time to leverage the positive global sentiment being felt towards New Zealand (thanks Jacinda!) and to raise the international profile of the Kiwi brand in key markets, in a time when they can’t visit us. From breathtaking scenery to perfect avocados and cute cows, the campaign’s hero video delivers an aligned brand and highlights the care shown by our people.

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