Ads of the week: November 12

Who is it for? Stanley St for Briscoes
Why we like it: A stark difference to Briscoe’s normal ads this campaign feels very international compared to the usual spots featuring Tammy Wells. Although we are a huge fan of Josh Frizzell’s work, I was relieved to know our beloved Briscoe’s Lady will be making a reappearance nearer to Christmas.

Who is it for? TBWA for ANZ
Why we like it: The science behind Mr Humfreez is impressive, and an important message for our often unheated homes. The spot does well to promote the message, helped by the fact that the Lamb is cute as shit and I would love one for my house (please).

Who is it for? FCB for NZ Post 
Why we like it: 
It’s easy to like anything Christmas related. Yet this spot is particularly magical. The cast does a fantastic job at portraying the connection and love families have at Christmas. The noses added a shock moment and did well to heighten the narrative.

Who is it for? YoungShand for Hellers
Why we like it: I am conditioned to want bacon anytime I hear Leigh Hart’s voice now, and this spot did the same. A clever tagline that fits in well for an upcoming Kiwi summer, and fantastic inclusion of the Kiwi icon.

Who is it for? DDB for The Warehouse
Why we like it: I love the inclusivity that this ad has, from different communities, families and traditions, it really showcases the different Kiwiana Christmas that our nation has. We are a wonderfully diverse place, so it is cool to see The Warehouse showcasing that.

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