Ads of the week: August 25

RTD’s, sparkling water and fake news, this week’s ads are a combination of originality and light-hearted humour.

Who is it for: Motion Sickness for Netsafe

Why we like it: Almost everyday we are exposed to some sort of fake news headline, followed by a bunch of misleading information which can be the cause of serious anxiety. Motion Sickness have cleverly created a fake news bulletin and website to assist people in spotting fake news and diminishing the issue.

Who is it for: Tui for RTD Tui Hard Soda

Why we like it: Tui has gone against the mainstream marketing of influencers and selfies and instead has promoted their new RTD’s truly as they are, with no bulls*t. And that is exactly why we like it.

Who is it for: Pitchblack for Almighty Sparkling Water

Why we like it: Sparkling water, you either love it or you hate it. Which is why Pitchblack needed to pull out all the stops to have people reaching for the Almighty can at the supermarket. Using a choir, an extremely catchy jingle, and a heaven-like set, the unique campaign has made me extremely thirsty.

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