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The next big trick is mass media

Advertising is an industry constantly focused on finding new ways to bedazzle and charm consumers. But in reaching too far into the digital hat, David Thomason reckons advertisers might be losing grip with what made the show effective in the first place.

StopPress Podcast #7: Peter Field, advertising effectiveness expert

Peter Field is one of the world’s foremost experts in advertising effectiveness. And he’s very worried about the current trends, so much so that he has decided to become slightly more confrontational in an effort to counteract the high concentration of bullshit he sees in the market. He’s looked at decades worth of case studies through the IPA Databank and figured out how the best brands build profitability, and he believes the current focus on short term activation metrics over long-term business effects is a very dangerous shift. He was in New Zealand as a guest of CAANZ and TVNZ and he spoke to StopPress editor Damien Venuto about the magical 60/40 rule, the need for big brands to use mass media, the role of social media for brand building and the slick and very successful PR campaign that has been waged by the rather secretive digital behemoths.