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Right message, right time, right person: Dean Cook on 21 years of change in marketing and advertising

After 21 years at Farmers over two stints, former head of marketing Dean Cook has hung up his purple tool belt, swapping it out for a red one with a move to The Warehouse Group. We sit down with Cook to reflect on the past two decades and how far the marketing and advertising industry has come in terms of in-house agencies, the proliferation of media channels and data. Plus, we hear his thoughts on how local retailers can compete with Amazon.

Insource or outsource: the secret sauce of resource

Once you get past the Dr Seuss headline, there’s a serious question here. It’s also a hot topic right now. When big business is scouring every budget line to trim a little fat, many of them ask, “Can I save money with an in-house studio?” I reckon the answer is “maybe.” Having worked in big agencies, smaller ones, digital shops and in-house, here’s why I think the answer is “horses for courses.”