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Missing greatness! Food babies! Value! Britain! Goog! Sexy lollies! Death! Underground Korean hip-hop! Down under! Vocal locals! Other things!

We can’t all be great, what could be the next logical brand extension of MasterChef, shopping like you’ve never seen it, the great David Mitchell on the not so great British public, Amstel’s nicely told tale of the tape, another stunner from the Goog, lollies are sexy, the best death scene ever, a song so addictive it is “certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy”, Telstra’s Olympics promo, a man of many talents, turns out advertising is like S&M, novel greeting cards, the rather comical faces of Olympic diving, all you ever wanted to know about beards, a very bad idea, celebrating the sports Brits are good at, and something for those who love bacon to death.