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Kiwi consumers: a retrospective

The Newspaper Advertising Bureau’s ‘The Kiwi Consumer’ retail report for November 2009 shows how much consumer behaviour has changed since 2001 and how it has impacted on the retail and advertising sectors. And it makes for some rather interesting reading.

Good and bad behavioural targeting

Would you like to know when your web-browsing activity is being tracked? Behavioural targeting is an important tool for advertisers, but consumers must be protected too. The US Federal Trade Commission’s four principles of BT are a good starting point for best practices in NZ.

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Free digital seminar: first in, first served

How’s your digital fitness? Are you struggling with sit-ups when you could be burning fat and reinventing yourself on a super-duper cross trainer? Digital marketing is here to stay and it’s about time you learnt all the tools to create a brand presence on the web that lasts …