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Crimson landslide! Thing X! Red Bull’s Rube Goldberg! Mind bender! Smell the fart! Clicks! Motorbikes! Dogs! Shots! Water! Debt! E-joy!

Bodyform’s brilliant video response; at last, an honest corporate video; as if Red Bull Stratos wasn’t enough, the brand has to show off some more; inside Old Spice; Drambuie’s been sampling a little too much of its own product; some top class ‘what’s that smell?’ acting from Mr Pitt; Microsoft focuses on the clicks; human motorbikes; honestly, who wears an apricot shirt? New Zealand stars in the latest—and awesome—GoPro promo; who needs screens when you’ve got H²O; why the world is in debt; good GIF grief; Romney’s tax plan; and inside Google’s data centres (and its Easter eggs).