Year in Review: Jodi O’Donnell, TVNZ

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the year that was. Here’s what Jodi O’Donnell, Commercial Director at TVNZ, had to say.

1. Favourite local campaign 

NZ Department of Internal Affairs – Online Safety! Clever and creative way to get porn and bullying into a daily conversation.

2. Favourite international campaign 

Heineken Covid safety ad “Bars are Open”.

3. Least favourite campaign 

Seriously, do you know what I do for a living? I love all ads!

4. Pick three words to describe 2020 

“Unexpected”, “Character building”, “Long”.

5. Most memorable moment from lockdown? 

It’s pretty simple actually, but after a huge day of video calls, home schooling and generally juggling everything – my family would take a walk together and regroup. It kept me happy, focused and grateful!

6. First thing you did in Level 1

Escaped out of Auckland to the beach with the family – bliss.

7. First place you’ll travel to when borders open? 

Hawaii or Thailand – an island holiday with beaches, relaxation and warmth.

8. Heroes of 2020 

Hilary for her Formal Fridays, frontline staff at testing stations, nurses, doctors and everyone who kept the country running and putting themselves out there. Plus, all the news teams across the country that kept us all up to date.

9. Villains of 2020 

Quarantine escape artists…

10. What have you learnt about the world this year? 

How adaptable we are, we don’t need to physically be together to make things happen.

11. What personality trait got you in the most trouble this year? 

Oversharing on Zoom calls.

12. What achievement are you most proud of this year? 

I’m most proud of the way TVNZ did, and continues to, navigate a super tough year with grace, respect for each other and a little bit of humour.

13. Silver lining of 2020?

That we live in NZ and have the freedom to travel around our beautiful country.

14. Best brands of 2020 

Stickman from PAK’nSAVE, ASB, 2degrees, and Heineken.

15. Lamest trend of 2020 

Baking sourdough from scratch, I mean seriously, who has the time???

16. Best innovation 

Padrone ring – coolest mouse ever. People who know me know I love a good mouse for my laptop – the Padrone ring is a mouse ring!

17. What died in 2020? 

Well the Tokyo Olympics 2020 did, but we hold some hope for 2021 still!

18. Guilty Netflix obsession? 

The Crown.

19. Twitter or Instagram? 


20. What should be uninvented?  

Home schooling. I have more gratitude and respect than ever for the teaching profession.

21. What’s the biggest mistake advertisers will make in 2021? 

Having tighter budgets often pushes advertisers into short termism… I know it, you know it – let’s not do it. Brands need balance at both ends of the funnel.

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