The Pressies 2020: Best use of Social Media

In celebration of the country’s most impressive PR, experiential and social media campaigns, StopPress chats to all the winners at The Pressies 2020. TBWA and ANZ took home gold for ‘ANZ – Best in Show’ in the Best use of Social Media category. 

Catherine Harris

StopPress: Tell us how you used puppies and kittens to grow a bank?  

Catherine Harris, CEO, TBWA: With ANZ Best in Show we attracted significant new customers to the bank – not by targeting our traditional demographic, but by targeting a fun and surprising shared interest – our love of our pets. 

We identified ANZ’s MyPhoto Card, a debit card with photo personalisation as a way to convert customers on social. And then we discovered it wasn’t just pictures of people’s family or holiday snaps that covered people’s cards. It was their pets.

As the biggest bank in the country, talking about puppies and kittens could be seen as a funny fit so we needed to find a way of using everyday Kiwis to champion this message. To do this we created ANZ Best in Show, NZ’s biggest online pet show – but with a catch – all submissions for the best in show had to showcase your pet on an ANZ MyPhotoCard. 

Like any good pet show we had interesting categories, judges and prizes for winners. Judges weren’t assessing size, eye colour, ear length, head shape, or coat texture.  Instead, judges were looking for the most adorable, ‘ooh-ahh’ inducing dogs, the ones that made them laugh-out-loud. This was delivered in two phases, dogs, then cats – allowing us to playfully pit dog and cat owners against each other. 

At the end of the campaign – we crowned winners and declared our Best in Show across each category. By launching New Zealand’s biggest and first online pet show – we created a user-generated campaign that not only drove social media metrics and sentiment, but strong business results and an impressive ROI. 

StopPress: How did your agency partnership help you to deliver this award winning campaign?

Astrud Burgess

Astrud Burgess, General Manager Data and Marketing, ANZ: TBWA took our ANZ MyPhotoCard product (an extension of our everyday account) and created an online event that was loved by Kiwis everywhere. As a self-confessed cat lover I can safely say It’s one of those campaigns that really tugs on the heartstrings. It drove new to bank account acquisition while also increasing positive brand sentiment over the campaign period.

TBWA is a passionate bunch, creating work that helps us think and see differently. It’s a partnership where we trust each other to produce campaigns Kiwis love!

ANZ’s Best in Show was no exception. With our strong agency relationship, it’s given us the confidence that launching New Zealand’s biggest and first user-generated online pet show was a great way to drive social media metrics and sentiment, as well as delivering outstanding business results.

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