The Pressies 2020: Best Use of Social Media and Best Integrated Campaign

In celebration of the country’s most impressive PR, experiential and social media campaigns, StopPress chats to all the winners at The Pressies 2020. Special Group and Tourism New Zealand took home gold for ‘Good Morning World’ in the Best use of Social Media and Best Integrated Campaign categories. 

StopPress: How did you come up with an idea that set the tone for the world every day for a year?

Rory Gallery

Rory Gallery, head of strategy, Special Group: It’s a truism that people come to New Zealand for the scenery, but leave talking about the people. Our brief in 2018 was to evolve the 100% Pure New Zealand positioning from being about the place, to being a focus on the uniquely welcoming experience that tourists here experience. We wanted to demonstrate this welcome to the world through an ‘act’ rather than a traditional ‘ad’, and so Good Morning World was born. Real Kiwis sending out a message to the world, every day for a year. The scale of the commitment – 366 films – was vital in communicating just how welcoming New Zealanders are.

StopPress: How did your agency partnership help you to deliver this award winning campaign?

Brodie Reid

Brodie Reid, director, marketing, Tourism New Zealand: This was a collaborative effort that involved working with our global whanau, visiting our respective markets, engaging with stakeholders across New Zealand and of course hundreds of mini shoots. The relationship that we developed with Special during that time was critical to pulling this off and it now feels like we all are very much part of a tight team.

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