Perspectives 2024: Episode Two – Production

ThinkTV has commissioned a new video series, ‘Perspectives 2024’, which takes a deep dive into the world of TV and video – what’s happening locally and globally – now and in the next three to four years. 

The series will explore a range of perspectives from people in the marketing, production, media agencies, TV network, creative and research industries. 

The second episode, Production, canvases the production community. Managing Director of South Pacific Pictures, Andrew Szusterman, and Head of Funding, NZ on Air, Amie Mills, tackle the question “what is TV?” Both share their thoughts on local content, curated content and collaboration.

Szusterman and Mills discuss the opportunities that TV, and particularly Broadcaster Video OnDemand, offers for producers and advertisers. They touch on the opportunity for advertisers to fund programming and integrate themselves in local content, and note that fortune favours the brave when it comes to partnering, and how relinquishing some control in the production process can generate genuine integration that viewers love (particularly younger viewers who are after less polished and more raw content).

Amie Mills

It’s a candid chat about the challenges and opportunities for producers in the world of TV and video, both locally and globally, now and in the future.

Watch Episode Two – Production here:

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