Curious Film on content, collaboration and creativity

How does Curious define itself?

Constantly evolving. Razor sharp. Creatively collaborative. Rad.

What are your thoughts on the rise of social media/YouTube/streaming services making the market saturated with content? How does Curious ensure its work stands out?

It’s exciting! Content means finding smart, creative solutions, to tell well-crafted and engaging stories at the highest production value. It does not mean adding to the noise, it means understanding the role and importance of every platform. This is vital.

Clever, accurate targeting along with authentic stories told in a visually enticing way. That’s what we’re here to do.

At a time when technology is increasing a production company’s capability, why is talent still important?

I don’t think I could ever put enough emphasis on talent and their importance to what we do. For us, it’s all about community and culture. When you have that right, and you have good people around you, you’ll always be creating great work.

Technology and people aren’t at opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s about understanding the technology and how to use it to tell relatable, honest stories. I’m not a fan of fads, there’s something new coming out every week. For me, it’s all about the harmony of the right technology for the right story. 

Kate Roydhouse, managing director and executive producer

How do you see the role and landscape of production companies having changed over the past five years or so?

I like to think that what was once more of a service industry has now been broadened to an integrated creative industry. This notion of integration and collaboration is happening more and more across the board. It’s leading to us all needing and wanting to push ourselves, the creative and the craft.

Needing to be agile, solutions driven, and more cost effective than every before, means more collaborative working. I love that!

The fundamentals remains the same, intelligent creative, great teams, beautiful story-telling and an emphasis on the craft. We’re just finding new and interesting ways to do it.

With production companies expected to produce a variety of content, not just TVCs any longer, how has Curious adapted?

We’ve always been storytellers at our core. Sometimes this is through a TVC, sometimes short films, features, docos, music videos – you name it! So, for us, it’s always been more about the story rather than the format, it’s a love of the craft, a passion for telling great stories.

If anything, the changes over the past five years have made working in production companies that much cooler. No job is the same, thanks to the multitude of ways people are consuming content now, the options are endless. 

What do you see are the greatest challenges for production companies at present? Where are the greatest opportunities?

Isn’t the greatest challenge the same as the greatest opportunity? It’s just about the way you look at it.

What’s 2019 looking like for Curious?


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