The effectiveness and efficiency of TVNZ OnDemand

Off the back of TVNZ’s recent Travel Category Case Study, StopPress spoke with TVNZ’s Commercial Director, Jodi O’Donnell about how TVNZ OnDemand provides a brand safe, cost effective and powerful advertising platform. 

What did the case study set out to achieve?

Audiences are watching more content than ever before, but they’re now moving between broadcast TV viewing and streaming depending on what they’re watching, how they’re watching and when they’re watching it. Most advertisers have a solid understanding of the power of broadcast television for their brand, but some are unsure of how effective BVOD advertising can work as part of their media mix. This case study set out to demonstrate that advertising on a premium platform like TVNZ OnDemand has the ability to generate higher value customers when compared to advertising to an existing customer base.

What did it involve (brief, task, campaign and execution)?

We collaborated with one of our key advertising clients in the travel sector and asked them whether they would be game to prove the value of TVNZ OnDemand advertising with us. This client had used broadcast TV advertising to reach their customers nationally, but they wanted to understand the value of BVOD for reaching and targeting new and returning customers too.

For this case study, we ran a four-week ad campaign exclusively on TVNZ OnDemand, with a seven-week conversion window for tracking purchases. We set up a Target and a Control group using TVNZ OnDemand registered login data. When the Target Group came to TVNZ OnDemand, they were shown the client’s ad with a mix of 15 sec and 30 sec formats. When the Control Group watched TVNZ OnDemand, they were shown a TVNZ promotional ad instead. We then tracked performance in two ways:

  1. Email – using a trusted third-party data company to identify which customers went on to make a purchase with the client.
  2. Cookie matching – identifying people in either the Target or Control groups who were served an ad via TVNZ OnDemand and then visited the client’s website.

What are the case study’s major findings?

The results speak for themselves. The Target group delivered a 21 percent higher conversion rate than the Control group. New customer acquisition was 22 percent higher in the Target group than the Control group. The Target group generated 25 percent more revenue when compared with the control group too – fantastic results for a very happy client.

What do these results say when it comes to the benefit of this type of advertising with TVNZ?

This case study demonstrates how investing in TVNZ OnDemand can generate higher value customers. TVNZ OnDemand viewers are engaged with the advertising creative they’re seeing, and this is delivering tangible results for brands.

Ultimately, why is TVNZ OnDemand a powerful advertising platform?

TVNZ OnDemand is New Zealand’s largest BVOD platform, on average reaching over one million viewers a week. The scale of the audience teamed with the viewability of ads on the platform and proven completion rates makes it a powerful, brand safe option for advertisers. 

TV and BVOD advertising, when used together, are an effective force and drive so much incremental value. Thinking about the mix of platforms can be cost efficient and effective for brands. Advertisers don’t need to take our word for it though – case studies like these provide the evidence.

Download the full case study here.

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