The Faces of our Industry: Ankit Sood

The world is changing, and with it agencies are changing too. From gender balance, diversity and inclusion, there is waves of progress happening across the board.

Brought to you by StopPress with support from the Comms Council, The Faces of our Industry proudly sponsored by Google, is a celebration of the diversity found within our sector.

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Although diversity and inclusion will always need to be improved, there is plenty of our industry to be proud of. The Faces of our Industry aims to flip the conversation on its head, and celebrate the amazing individuals we have in our sector.

This episode we talk to Ankit Sood, graphic designer at Mosh, who moved to New Zealand from India to grow his creative career.

Here Ankit highlights the differences between studying to be a creative in New Deli compared to his learnings in Auckland, and how his family had expectations that went against what he ultimately wanted to do.

Here, Ankit talks about the Kiwi creative industry, and what he hopes to see in the ways of keeping up diversification.

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