10 Most Watched Videos on StopPress in 2020

As we approach the end of 2020, StopPress takes a look back at the site’s 10 most popular videos from the year that was.

  1. The Faces of our Industry: Melissa Taylor – TVNZ

Brought to you by StopPress with support from the Comms Council, The Faces of our Industry, proudly sponsored by Google, is a celebration of the diversity found within our sector. In this episode we chatted to Melissa Taylor, GM agency sales at TVNZ, for whom a career in media wasn’t always the plan. Here, Melissa highlighted the importance of gender diversity and strong female role models in the workplace, and shared her advice for young women coming into the industry.

2. The Faces of our Industry: Kim Pick – VMLY&R

This time we talked to VMLY&R’s ECD, Kim Pick. After becoming an ECD at just 26, Kim Pick has always been an advocate for a wider diversity in the Marcomms industry. Here, she took us through why female representation in the industry needs to continue its trajectory, the needed normalisation of flexible working to foster talent, and why diversity in agencies creates a wider diversity of thought that is needed to grow and succeed.

3. Rick and Morty, Szechuan Sauce

When checking Zavy to see the most popular social posts by New Zealand brands of 2020, one post by McDonald’s dwarfed all the others in likes, shares and comments: a disembodied hand, reaching out of a green vortex with a chicken nugget. It scored the top social post of 2020 by a massive margin – and it didn’t have anything to do with the new Kiwiburger jingle. It had everything to do with Rick and Morty and Szechuan sauce, after McDonald’s New Zealand leaned into one of fandom’s biggest in-jokes.

4. It slaps: DDB re-writes iconic Kiwiburger song

The saying goes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And the original McDonalds Kiwiburger song still had some truth to it; Kiwis still did love Chilly bins, cricket wins, fast skis, golf tees, Silver Ferns and Kauri trees. Yet our country had evolved, and with it, what was essentially our third national anthem also needed to evolve. From tattoos and vindaloo to sailing yachts and making sushi, DDB’s 90” refreshed TV spot strived to encompass what it meant to be Kiwi in 2020, enlisting the help of some famous friends including Anika Moa, Troy Kingi and Tami Neilson.

5. Toyota, Saatchi & Saatchi NZ launch 2021 Hilux campaign

Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand and Toyota unveiled a multi-channel campaign for the new 2021 Hilux that celebrated the connection between friends and the strong bond between Toyota and New Zealand. Shot on location in Queenstown, it was directed by Sweetshop’s Damien Shatford. The music was a bespoke collaboration between local music legends Troy Kingi and Tami Neilson, revisiting the classic “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. Kingi also acted in the previous two Hilux campaigns.

6. Have a sniff: TBWA, 2degrees and Rhys Darby release internet scented candles

Since when did the internet have a scent? And do we want to know what it is? TBWA called on Rhys Darby to join 2degrees in their extremely odd but nonetheless creative campaign, reminding Kiwis that 2degress does in fact offer broadband. “When I heard that two-thirds of New Zealanders don’t know that 2degrees does broadband, I was shocked,” Darby explained. “I had to make it make sense, literally, by making a candle that smells like the internet because candles make scents, like 2degrees broadband makes sense… geddit?!”

7. Thank god it’s not another rap: Pitchblack releases Air NZ safety video

Pitchblack restored faith in Air New Zealand safety videos with the launch of ‘A Journey to Safety’. Centred around the impact of New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis, ‘A Journey to Safety’ starred a young girl, Janey, and Mr T the lost takahe, who embarked on a journey across the country to relocate the indigenous bird to his new home. Compared to previous safety videos, ‘A Journey to Safety’ is difficult to dislike. Infectiously Kiwi, Pitchblack ensured the video represented New Zealand. Following the video’s launch, ‘A Journey to Safety’ received over 1.7 million views on YouTube.

8. Steinlager and DDB release epic new campaign

Created by DDB Aotearoa, Steinlager’s 90” spot championed Kiwi resourcefulness and spirit. Directed by Lee Tamabori, Peace Flotilla followed the 1995 Peace Flotilla members who sailed to Mururoa atoll to protest French nuclear testing in the Pacific. DDB Aotearoa and Australia regional chief creative officer, Damon Stapleton, says Steinlager gave them an ambitious brief: uniting New Zealand in pride. To capture the story authentically, the team consulted with Dan Salmon and Marty Taylor, who joined a Peace Flotilla crew and set sail aboard the Chimera – unknowingly becoming part of our history.

9. VMLY&R reset the expectations of retirement living

Featuring the talents of 13 Ryman residents, the ‘Ryman Pioneers’ campaign boasted the energy and spirit of people in their 70s and 80s, proving there is much more to being retired than people think. The quirky campaign showcased 80-year-old fashionista Priscilla, 84-year-old ballerina Audrey and 75-year-old guitar-playing Ross, who prove they are still young at heart. Fun and eye-opening to the public, the campaign reset expectations of retirement life.

10. With Collective and ASB pimp out our All Blacks

Due to the challenges of Covid-19, ASB proved that team work makes the dream work, and created a campaign to offer the rental of an All Black to help SME’s advertise. The initiative meant these SME’s received a tailored advertising and media package featuring some of the All Blacks, Māori All Blacks and Black Ferns. Via With Collective New Zealand, the campaign used the largest contingent of New Zealand rugby players ever seen.

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