Taking care of business: Why top companies are hailing VideoTaxi

Video is the powerhouse tool in modern marketing and communications, but how do businesses get the best results for their hard-earned dollars?  

They could add videographers to their staff, with all the expense that entails, or spend hours finding contractors for services such as filming, editing, animating and scripting. Or they could simply hail VideoTaxi, the Kiwi-owned company at the forefront of video production and delivery.

VideoTaxi takes care of every part of production, which means clients can concentrate on their core business. And best of all, a dedicated ‘cabby’ becomes part of the team for the duration of the project. “A natural extension of your business”, is how general manager and co-founder Ondrej Havas describes the relationship.

Jean-Luc Darne, Videographer for VideoTaxi

For Media Co, one of New Zealand’s largest independent media agencies, the benefits of VideoTaxi were clear. “We thought about hiring a videographer, but felt the service VideoTaxi could offer – they have all the equipment and expertise in one place – was superior,” says Dr Sarah Gumbley, the agency’s communications and creative director. “Their services are broad and they turn up with everything they need.”

Dr Gumbley says VideoTaxi’s subscription model allows flexibility for Media Co’s clients. “One day they might need a high-end film, the next, something animated.”

Their dedicated cabby, she adds, is “incredibly talented and a lovely person to have around. Whenever we need support, he’s always there.”


Experienced and multi-skilled, the VideoTaxi cabbies produce everything from health and safety videos and how-to instructions, to corporate inductions and high-end TV commercials. The clever cabbies even provide inspiration and ideas. “Every day they work on a different account, which keeps them fresh,” explains Havas.

AA Insurance is another client enthusiastic about what VideoTaxi brings to its business. Corporate communications team leader Ben Campion says his company had used a film production house for high-end videos, and had also bought equipment and taken video making in-house. The former was too expensive and the latter proved too time-consuming for staff. So when VideoTaxi launched, it was the perfect middle ground. “It saves us time, but we’re not spending too much.”

Jean-Luc Darne,Videographer for Video Taxi on assignment at Genesis.AUCKLAND.

Campion says the company uses VideoTaxi to “double dip”: to film interviews and then edit two versions, one for staff and another for external communications.  The company’s dedicated cabby, he adds, is part of the wider AA Insurance family and very familiar with the business.

Other major corporates, including Genesis, PlaceMakers, Chorus, Countdown, Suncorp and Westfield, are also tapping into the expertise and experience of VideoTaxi, New Zealand’s most cost-effective and responsive video production company.

Video is becoming increasingly important in business – Google predicts that by next year, 80 per cent of internet traffic will be video content – but Havas says businesses shouldn’t feel like they’ve missed the boat. It’s only in recent years that technology has developed to allow its use on a wide range of platforms and for VideoTaxi to become a one-stop-shop. “But now’s certainly the time to make the most of this vital communication and marketing tool.”

Jean-Luc Darne in VideoTaxi’s personal ‘Cabs’

For more information visit; www.videotaxi.cab

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