Stop drinking the programmatic Kool-Aid

The industry has lost sight of the main challenge we face in this new infinite media environment; how to get consumers’ attention and influence human behaviour.

The airline industry recently faced similar challenges. The brands now winning the war are those such as Air New Zealand and Emirates that chose to focus on value over price.

It is time to refine the value of a media agency

Whilst there is a role for programmatic buying as a function of digital implementation, it is still just a tactic to reach people. We need to drive the conversation upstream. When you work in
a commoditised category the real question we should be asking ourselves is, what value are we offering our clients?

The micro-focus on digital cost efficiency and issues such as viewability and safety that have arisen with this new approach have shifted the focus from media agencies’ greatest asset – their people. Smart media people with the aid of tech/ data are what drive business results and we need to bring the attention back to what’s driving the success – people.

New world campaign success is hinged on unlocking people as broadcasters

In today’s media environment where everyone and everything is fighting for your attention, people have become the most valuable media channel. No matter how many impressions you buy, brands and campaigns that are winning the fight for attention are those that demand people’s attention; ideas and media strategies that are social by design, relevant, impactful and unable to be ignored. Designed to drive engagement first, then be dispersed through this new media channel of hyper-connected people.

This new approach to media is evident in Y&R’s recent campaigns for Vodafone VNZMAs, Burger King’s McWhopper and Actual Reality for Jaguar which offered a real driving experience to those expecting a simulation.

With agencies at a cross roads, we believe there is no better time to be in the media industry. We’re moving forwards and focussing on the real value that we can deliver for clients; smarter thinking to capture human attention and drive better business results.

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