Smart Displays: Connecting Communities

Smart Displays is New Zealand’s first residential-based digital screen media company. Using strategically-placed 43” HD digital screens the OOH player is helping communities, businesses, and brands connect across its dynamic Auckland network.

Since 2017, Smart Displays have successfully delivered on their initiative to combine broadcasts and campaigns with residential building management notices relevant to the community. It has done this by installing 43” HD digital screens across the heart of Auckland, into lobby and lift entrance areas of high-density residential developments.

Proud supporters of local communities, Smart Displays help to promote awareness of projects and events in the area where people live, work and play. “We are excited to be the first OOH company to broadcast in this sector, reaching out to a varied demographic of mostly young to middle-aged, urban professionals,” explains Rodger Bransgrove, Managing Director at Smart Displays.

This audience comprises of the vast demographic of Auckland CBD and suburban apartment dwellers, young and single with disposable incomes through to middle-aged professionals; including University/ Unitec students to retail/ entertainment/office workers and an increasing number of retirees. 

Bransgrove’s background in engineering and property management instigated the building management and digital broadcast format comprising Smart Display’s foundation. His communications and operations experience is also key to driving Smart Displays forward, with one eye on the future growth of the service industry and community needs.

“As such our list of advertisers is quite diverse and includes; food & beverage companies, banks, supermarkets, health care providers, insurance, fashion, home decor, electronics, information technology, telecommunications, power companies, real estate, everyday consumables, radio, entertainment, travel, events, public and council announcements… the list goes on,” Bransgrove says.

A ‘Smart Display’ mimics the familiar Smartphone portrait format and provides valuable ‘live’ content, including; news, date, time and weather updates, as well as up-to-the-minute emergency building and wider notices. This is especially relevant in the current Covid-19 climate we find ourselves in. “Smart Displays is fortunate compared to other OOH operators during Covid-19 Lockdowns, being able to enjoy normal traffic numbers housed within residential high rise developments,” Bransgrove says.

With an audience of around 30,000 and growing quickly, Bransgrove says that his company’s smart screens are already broadcasting to over 5,500 apartments across the city. “Auckland residents and visitors to these apartments see the always-on displays daily, comprising 50 screens, airing each creative 1,000,000+ times per month over the network.”

Bransgrove adds that this dynamic digital content significantly out-performs static format displays. “When asked, more than 50 percent of residents can recall specific broadcasts on Smart Displays.” 

The Smart Displays team also work closely with building management teams across its network to access real-time data in the form of residents/ visitor stats based on swipe card entry to lifts and main door entrances to buildings. 

In addition, Smart Displays uses a bunch of next-gen technologies to engage its audiences. For example, its cloud providers to residential environments enable the company to fully utilise dynamic and animated creatives. Bransgrove says that this coupled with the company’s creative offering means Smart Displays ensures its client’s get the most from their digital content offering.

For more details on Smart Displays and how you can leverage this growing audience, email [email protected].

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