The compendium: October 30

It’s that spooky time of year once again, so, naturally, we dissected Halloween-themed international ads in the lead up to the 31st.

The scariest thing about 2020 for ex-Bauer Media employees was the infamous ‘Zoom of Doom’ in April. For everyone else, it was actually having to put clothes on for Google Meets in the months that followed. This ghoulish group of monsters may well look just as scary as your workmates did during lockdown. 

There’s nothing worse than kids banging down your door wanting sugary goodness when you’ve literally just tried to adopt a sugar-free lifestyle. But thanks to COVID, I have to praise Sour Patch Kids for this clever contactless concept.

Not Halloween related, but I was spooked nonetheless – and the cucumbers and socks of this world will collectively recoil in horror. Opening with a humble pie shot (later a classic American Pie reference), a humanised electric toothbrush, cucumber and sock all share one thing in common – they’ve had enough. My favourite was 30 seconds in: a pillow who protests “I’m already stuffed enough!” This one will probably speak volumes to all the singles out there who spent lockdown very much alone.

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