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Keep it real, help a brother out, make it awesome and see the gold are some of the brand values the team at Woods has developed for their workplace.

The last three – do what you say you’ll do, live healthy, and importantly, have fun – are key drivers for maintaining a work-life balance, managing director Reuben Woods says.

“Our culture and core set of values drive the work we do, the results we get and lifestyle we lead. It attracts the type of clients we want to work with.”

Constantly adapting to changing technologies, the Woods team hasn’t faltered in its commitment to helping regional New Zealand businesses create brands, tell stories and connect with customers for the last 13 years.

As a brand agency, Woods partners with innovative design-led businesses to define their culture and identity, develop business strategies, and achieve results using conventional and digital platforms.

“Woods delivers results for our clients as our company philosophy is built on design thinking, creative, and marketing strategies that continually innovate, diversify and connect with customers,” Woods says. 

iti: Little food for little mouths 

Singing a different tune

Woods is committed to the success of regional New Zealand business. From clients exporting honey to those who build infrastructure, Woods says success is solving real life business problems that genuinely connect with customers.

“We work with businesses we actually believe in and who believe in us. Who will trust us to solve the problems and ask the right questions.”

Building a brand takes time, and Woods believes the key is to work from the inside out to create authentic, innovative, successful companies.

“I get huge satisfaction working with businesses to help them define, develop and grow their internal culture.

So many business problems can be solved by spending time building an internal culture that is truly integrated across the entire team.”

Young Innovator Awards: Helping innovation take flight 

Creating, explaining, connecting


Little food for little mouths

This uniquely New Zealand petfood brand launched internationally throughout multiple Asian markets and is already looking to expand into new territories. 

Young Innovator Awards:

Helping innovation take flight

In five days, this award-winning interactive installation drove over 4000 students to participate in a paper plane make-a-thon designed to make the innovation process accessible. 


Building a solid culture

This project focused on internal culture, to build team pride from the inside out at one of New Zealand’s largest roading contractors. 

Waiotahi: Building a solid culture 

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Changing with the tide

Digital growth will only continue, but what won’t change is an agency’s aim of effective communication.

“Digital is creating new ways to talk to people, which is great – but we don’t see full-service agency models being replaced anytime soon.”

No one media or channel can do everything a business needs for its marketing, he says. “True innovation is scary. It takes courage to embrace change – but the best results depend on it .” 

Full speed ahead

Keeping up with new platforms as they are introduced and being involved with businesses’ innovation and decision-making teams are crucial to success going forward, Woods says.

“It’s important to be nimble enough to get things to market quickly, because if you don’t someone else will.”

Agencies have to learn from wins and mistakes, adapt, and get things back to market quickly, he says.

“We need to encourage more of an innovation mindset, and work with business owners to help them embrace this mentality.” 

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