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New Zealand Post delivers more parcels than any other courier company (over 77 million in 2018) so it’s no wonder they are known as New Zealand’s online delivery experts. The company who knows all about delivering asked their brand-agency, Insight Creative, to deliver their second eCommerce report – The Full Download – in a way that enhances their expert reputation.

You can’t deny the growth of online shopping. We’re all doing it: buying clothes, music, movies, meals, groceries, appliances, whiteware and just about everything else. In such a fast moving space, it’s not surprising that many Kiwi businesses are struggling to work out how to best capitalise on its potential. New Zealand Post developed the first Full Download report to track trends and help retailers understand the opportunity. For their second report, the aim was to go further, providing insights and tools that help businesses realise the opportunity.

Digital first

For Steven Giannoulis, Insight Creative’s managing director, it was only natural that a report about eCommerce should be online. “Our first recommendation was to go digital-first, with print as the supporting medium. This allowed us to build an engagement process with numerous opportunities to capture reader’s data and deliver interaction and personalisation.

And by integrating directly into New Zealand Post’s CRM system, Salesforce/Marketing Cloud, it facilitates an ongoing sales and communication programme.”

Digital-first also allowed Insight to recommend a more ambitious content approach. While the first report focused on factual content, the 2019 edition uses data as a basis for telling richer stories and providing tools and advice for businesses to optimise their online activity. A series of video case studies and interviews highlight key trends in action, shoppers’ motivations and expert advice. Live polls allow readers to interact with the site and to receive valuable contextualised information. 

A more detailed breakdown on what’s happening in specific sectors introduces direct relevance for individual retailers. A spotlight on key emerging trends – like Marketplaces and Buy Now Pay Later – provides useful growth insights. And a dedicated ‘Winning in eCommerce’ section provides direct advice on growing your business on-line.

New Zealand Post’s general manager of business marketing, Chris Wong, says they loved the integrated thinking.

“Insight took a factual report and turned it into one of our most effective sales and marketing tools. And it’s quickly became the source of everything businesses need to become more effective at selling online.”

Rich data for online marketers

The data for the report was based on actual shopping transactions during 2018. “The client gave us a significant number of spreadsheets and a summary of the key trends emerging in the numbers. Our challenge was to distil the story and tell it in a way that would be engaging and relevant for retailers. We created a basic story outline and used it to determine the site (and book) structure and to define the hero charts and graphics we’d need,” Giannoulis says.

Insight Creative worked with long-time partner Chris Howell from Profanity to develop an easy-flowing, conversational and bite-sized narrative that worked equally well online as it did in print.

To demonstrate New Zealand Post’s eCommerce expertise, the core design idea centred around capturing the look, feel and functionality of good online shopping sites like Amazon, Alibaba and Mighty Ape. This includes product promotions in the main navigation; a prominent search function; ‘you may also like’ recommendations; and shopping-cart styled downloads. The design uses white space generously, engaging photography, icons and action enablers. These same ‘online design cues’ carry through to the print document, giving it a strong visual presence and a sense of pace.

Delivering exactly what’s needed

Giannoulis says “Writing, designing and producing a complex eCommerce-style website, a 100+ page book, six videos, an animation, two polls and a seamless sales integration process was a huge challenge. It was one we enjoyed rising to. The best way for New Zealand Post to say they’re “experts” is to show it and The Full Download does exactly that – in a big, bold way.”

New Zealand Post is delighted with the report and is actively, and proudly, promoting it. From Chris Wong’s point of view, The Full Download 2019 delivers exactly what they needed and more. “We’ve had such excellent feedback. The Sales teams love it. Our existing customers are finding it a really useful resource and, because of it, we are talking to a significant number of potential new customers about growing their business.”

To see The Full Download go to www.thefulldownload.co.nz 


Contact:  Steven Gionnoulis, 021 242 7546   [email protected]    www.insightcreative.co.nz

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