After lockdown, be the first cab off the rank

Pictured; Co-founder Ondrej Havas

As things slowly shift back towards a new normal, Co-founder of subscription-based video service VideoTaxi, Ondrej Havas, takes us through their efforts for clients during the Covid-19 lockdown, and why now is the best time to factor in VideoTaxi for future marketing tools.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Auckland company VideoTaxi has been proving its worth to a wide range of clients including Countdown, Chorus, Genesis Energy, Westfield, PlaceMakers, Heb Construction and Crombie Lockwood.

Ondrej Havas says many clients were very keen to keep their communication going from day one. “During this unprecedented crisis we’ve been able to respond in a way that we never could have as a traditional production house.”

The New Zealand-owned company will become even more important to businesses in the months to come. Havas says VideoTaxi’s services will be vital marketing tools as the country and economy start rebuilding after lockdown. “Unprecedented times require an unprecedented response. Doing nothing is not an option.”

VideoTaxi’s Cabbies on location

VideoTaxi produces a wide range of content including sophisticated campaigns for television. But in these times, it can turn it’s well-honed skills and transform video shot on clients’ phones into engaging and timely messages that speak authentically like nothing else. 

Video was already a vital part of marketing well before New Zealand had even heard of COVID-19. With all this social distancing, the role video plays to keep us connected has never been more obvious. 

Compared to any other form of advertising, video is emotive, personal and engaging. From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn and direct mail campaigns, video is proving to be the ideal medium to reach audiences during lockdown and beyond. 

Co-founder Bruce Knoetze working from home

Established two years ago, VideoTaxi is the only subscription service of its type in the country and has already been franchised to Brazil, Belgium and the USA. It has developed an entirely new business model to help produce more video content for less money and in less time.

“If you’re a marketer still paying top dollar for content production, give us a call. We’re saving our clients over 50 percent on average whilst improving the technical and creative quality of their content. It’s a no brainer!”  says Havas

VideoTaxi shot a piece with Paul Henry a couple of days before the lockdown. Paul Henry’s message to Kiwi business leaders.

With more than 60,000 combined views in just three weeks on YouTube and LinkedIn, this is an example of a powerful and timely message that VideoTaxi can deliver in a very efficient way.

Havas says VideoTaxi’s producers were carefully selected for their depth of experience and broad range of skills. “I don’t believe you’ll find another creative company so willing and excited to handle such wide range of work from homemade videos shot on a CEO’s phone, to complex 3D animations and brand commercials for television. 

“We pride ourselves on getting on with it and being receptive to our clients’ needs,” he adds.

​The company’s videos are used for marketing on social media platforms, TV and YouTube commercials, CEO messages, how-to instructions, recruitment, learning and development, health and safety inductions and more.

You shoot – we edit  

Here’s a montage of recent video work in which VideoTaxi and supported leading Kiwi businesses to keep the communication going.

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