Clemenger BBDO and Finch show the efforts towards empty

Clemenger BBDO, Finch, and Unite Against Covid-19 have released an eerie look into Kiwi efforts to abandon our favourite places for the sake of a better tomorrow.

Production house Finch called for the help of its location scouts, this time using footage taken only in their bubbles to create the TVC, For Tomorrow. The result is a hauntingly beautiful collaboration that shows our dedication to staying away from the places we usually frequent.

Iconic landscapes that now sit in silence show the effects of Covid-19, and how our community is working together, apart, to squash transmission.

Brigid Alkema, executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO says “This special project revealed the potential for us in a business future requiring maximum agility. It evolved our sense of what’s necessary and unnecessary in our processes. And perhaps most importantly, it reminded us of the immense creativity inside each of our people, and the power of imagination to solve problems in uncharted waters.”

Production time for Finch and Clemenger BBDO was less than a week. With on set crews remaining in strict small numbers and keeping their distance. The shoot was live streamed to the directors and Clemenger so that they could make real time observations and amendments.

Bex Kelly, Finch EP says, “This was a great case study of how our industry can continue to adapt to the changing world we find ourselves in. Our crew was amazing, and from the Hokianga to the deep South, came on board with much interest for a new way of working”.

Zia Mandviwalla, Finch director, added that turning this around quickly was the most important measure they needed to take.

“The aim of the piece is to encourage New Zealanders to stay the course in lockdown in a way that is powerful, stirring and heartwarming. Though these places and spaces are empty right now, they are imbued with our humanity and are still there, waiting for our return. We wanted to remind New Zealand of that – remind them of what we are saving. The mood of the country is changing day to day and we wanted to make something that reflected the present day sentiment so working to an exceptionally tight time frame was crucial.”

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