Year in Review: Paul Catmur

‘Twas a big year for Barnes, Catmur & Friends, with plenty of success and international attention for the sado-masochistic Pizza Roulette, a long-awaited BOTAB victory for Friends Electric, one of the country’s best hauls at the EFFIES and some consistently good low-budget work for Independent Liquor’s Boundary Road Brewery, which is now thought to have gained 20 percent of the ‘gateway craft’ market after its launch last year. Say hello to managing creative partner Paul Catmur. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWAK0J8UhzkI love dogs. I love driving. The only thing Driving Dogs lacks is fishing.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Winning Gold Effies for both Boundary Road Brewery and Pizza Roulette was O for Awesome. So much for my supposed digital scepticism. 

3) Least favourite campaign

I don’t have one. I have MySky.

4) Best brand


Aston Martin

5) Best stoush

Kim Dotcom vs the FBI. I want to write the movie.

6) Heroes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0Psy. He beat Justin Bieber.

7) Villains

The government for allowing unsustainable fishing practices.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

Rather, the most surprisingly unmemorable marketing moment: AIG’s All Black’s sponsorship. For years it was unthinkable. Now it’s happened nobody seems very bothered.

9) A few predictions for 2013

Waldo will not retire. Nick Worthington will not retire. Toby will not return.

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