Year in Review: Kate Humphries

After another year of nurturing, moulding and shaping spongey young brains at Media Design School, course leader Kate Humphries looks back on 2012. 

1) Favourite campaign



Dogs come when they’re
called; cats take a message and get
back to you later. So, in that eternal battle that pits cat
against dog I’m not going to choose between the kamikaze Toyota cat and those
car-driving pooches. I’m just going to love
them both for what they are. 

2) Least favourite campaign

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QjGPyX3QYsI didn’t really mind Air NZ’s Middle-earth vid
but that annoying, patronizing Ed and Melanie thing. They are supposed to be
actors, right? Grrrrrrrrr…. hate, hate, hate you so much I’m going to jump out
of this plane right now. Now, how is that

3) Best brand

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR_09MaAe_sHell Pizza
(although you scared the b’jesus out of me when you pulled Paul Strong’s
bearded head out of a paper bag). 

5) Best

I’m currently enjoying Holy Moly ice cream vs.

6) Heroes

Intern teams. The good ones who don’t quite
get to be the right team, at the right time, in the right place, with the right

7) Villains

Sorry to hark back to it, but whatever the
goddamned judging process was that meant Ghost Chips lost out on a gold Axis.

8) Most
memorable marketing moment

When I started thinking about picking
a favourite, a roll call of absolutely good work started springing to mind, not just the dogs and the cats, but also Westpac old flatties, the recent YWCA work,
the Amnesty timeline, ‘It pays to push your luck’ campaign, Shape’s Roadies,
Subway radio. 

9) A few predictions
for 2013

Axis 2013 steps up to the plate
and, hurrah, look at that, bravely rewards
mould breaking, effective work with a gold. 

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