Year in Review: Jonathan Symons, TVNZ

1. Favourite local campaign that isn’t yours

The Stationery Ranger from Warehouse Stationery and DDB. Brilliant.

2. Favourite campaign that is yours

TVNZ Blacksand’s work for 20th Century Fox with the Deadpool 2 launch. Ryan Reynolds is one of the funniest guys on the planet and he wanted to do this work for us and 20th Century Fox. And ‘It’s Yours’ for TVNZ OnDemand by Assignment/TVNZ Blacksand… because, well, it IS yours!

3. Favourite international campaign

Mars Halloween ‘Bite Size Horror’. My favourite is Skittles ‘Floor 9.5’.  Just because it’s really really creepy.

4. Least favourite campaign

No comment – sorry! I try not to dis others’ work!

5. Your own biggest success

Getting a second microwave for the TVNZ Blacksand and Marketing team. An army runs on its stomach.

6. Most significant launch/innovation/thing of the year

Lime. The future of city transport will be electric vehicles – and sooner than we think. Electric scooters of some sort HAVE to part of the mix.

7. What should be un-invented?

Extreme re-marketing. I’ve already bought the friggin’ thing – stop hassling me.

8. Lamest trend

Extreme re-marketing. 

9. Best brands


10. Best stoush

Facebook and the US Congress. Elon Musk and the SEC and the Wall St analysts.

11. Heroes

I’ll go for the “end of an era 2018” list:
John Young, astronaut. He was there from pretty much the beginning of what I think is our greatest technological achievement so far (getting off the planet!).
Steven Hawking. No, I didn’t really understand the book either.
Aretha Franklin. Who’s old enough to remember seeing The Blues Brothers at the movies?
Burt Reynolds. As above but this time Smokey and the Bandit?
Stan Lee. His genius has kept the movies alive.

12. Villains

Mike Pence.

13. What died in 2018?

Hopefully extreme re-marketing.

14. What’s the biggest mistake marketers will make in 2019?

Not spending enough time with their customers in their own lives.

15. How far in our future do you think The Handmaid’s Tale is?

Ask Mike Pence.

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