Year in Review: Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall, FCB

1. Favourite local campaign that isn’t yours

That Spark one with the ethnically diverse range of cute kids.

2. Favourite campaign that is yours

Pre-Testie Bestie. Complicated job, tough crowd, cool idea.

3. Favourite international campaign

Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign. An idea so powerful it affected their share price.

4. Least favourite campaign

Ask those anonymous losers on the blogs.

5. Your own biggest success

Inventing a machine that got the media talking about men’s testicals.

6. Most significant launch/innovation/thing of the year

The Karen Walker/Airwick Air Freshner colab.

7. What should be un-invented?

Case study videos for advertising awards.

8. Lamest trend

The media doing stories on trends.

9. Best brands

Pak’nSave, NZ Transport Agency, Parking Dickets.

10. Best stoush

The National Party and Jamie-Lee Ross. Made you sad about mental health and the state of NZ politics all at the same time.

11. Heroes

Waitresses dealing with customers on keto diets.

12. Villains

Plastic straws.

13. What died in 2018?

The hopes and dreams of bitcoin investors.

14. What’s the biggest mistake marketers will make in 2019?

Not calling this number 09 356 6222.

15. How far in our future do you think The Handmaid’s Tale is?

Not very. They still use plastic straws.

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