The Year in Review: Jane Stanley

From the growth of e-commerce to social media usage to online media stats to smartphone penetration to online ad spend, it was another year of huge digital growth in 2013. And where there are consumers, there will be agencies, clients and publishers trying to get messages in front of them. Spark’s digital and social arm PHDiQ nabbed a host of awards for its campaigns last year and also welcomed Jane Stanley to the position of managing director after Alysha Delany shifted to MBM. Here are her thoughts. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Internationally the Snickers UK SEO Campaign is by far my favourite campaign of 2013 – just because it was so simple, clever and used digital in a highly creative way. It targeted users who misspelled words in Google searches. The idea was that office-bound workers couldn’t see the usual viral and social content because it was blocked by the IT department. Snickers identified 25,000 misspelled search terms. If you called one up, you’d see a paid search ad that directed you to youcantspellwhenyourehungry.com, which nicely tied in with the brand’s positioning over the past few years.

2. Favourite campaign that is yours

There are quite a few but if I was to narrow it down to one it would be Heineken Open Play. Our DB Breweries client briefed us on taking the Tennis Open sponsorship to the next level. I really think we nailed this working with a genuinely lovely and collaborative client and the fantastic team at the agency (across our three division digital, activation/PR and media). The campaign was focused on creating a large scale tennis game with New Zealanders in the lead up to the tennis. We allocated a point to individual days in December and then delivered an activation. The lead activation was ‘Win a Rooftop Apartment at the Tennis’, which offered the opportunity to stay in a luxury apartment overlooking the courts during the tournament, really delivering the best seat at the tournament. We had so much word of mouth both on and offline and the results have been outstanding. It just shows what can be achieved if a client and agency work highly collaboratively together.  

3. Your own biggest success

Surviving on 4/5 hours sleep a night throughout the year (due to young children) and still being able to function effectively (I hope!) in an agency environment.   

4. Best innovation

Facebook lookalike audiences offering within custom audiences was amongst the best. For those who don’t know, this allows advertisers to target users who are similar to those in the custom audience database. Lookalikes can be created after an advertiser has uploaded a list of first-party data (email addresses, phone numbers, or user IDs) to make a custom audience. Facebook will then analyse this custom audience and produce another group that has a similar profile. Advertisers can then create a Facebook ad to target to this lookalike audience. Basically it uses the age-old principles of direct marketing and applies it to digital world.  

5. Best brands

The Collective Dairy. Just a very cool, unique brand that is incredibly real. It stays true to its ethos around delivering decent food and have a confidence (not arrogance) around how it will beat the significantly larger competition.

6. Heroes

Jono and Ben. Thanks for the great work you did on Heineken Dropped.

7. Villains

The man who does the voiceover to the Harvey Norman ads.

8. Most memorable marketing moment 

Locally, it would have to be Tui Plumber. Actually seeing a house with running beer was amazing and then the speed it went virally around the world was incredible. Amazing creative work by Saatchi and it was fantastic to work on it from a media point of view.

9. A few predictions for 2014

Mobile will finally be taken seriously and will move into more creative and technology driven spaces than ever before (i.e hyper local targeting etc).

Marketing will become more effective and less intrusive with more sophisticated data analysis becoming the bedrock of every campaign.  

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