Year in Review: Colmar Brunton

Colmar Brunton lost a key cast member early last year when Harry Pappafloratos passed away. His replacement as chief executive, Jacqueline Ireland, and national qualitative director Spencer Willis go back in time. 

1) Favourite campaign

DB Export Dry’s campaign about blokes drinking wine. Big hair, shoulder pads, wine coolers – funny
and classic. 

2) Least favourite campaign

swap your ginger kid is wrong on so many levels. Roadies ‘Feed the man child’ is apparently a great product but as a man, I hate it. Surely better ways to
portray the inner child than that. 

3) Best brand

Samsung, both the below the line stuff and the big global TVC that actually works brilliantly here in New Zealand. Taking on the Apple juggernaut and quietly but decisively winning the
battle for the consumer. 

4) Best stoush

The only real stoush this
year was the banking shake up with ANZ/National versus everyone else. Not so
much a stoush in the context of two camps fighting it out with wits, cunning
and heavy weight hits. More like a middle aged Colin Firth and Hugh Grant
having a roll around in Bridget Jones’ Diary

5) Heroes

“The Three Way”. The
advertising agencies (DDB and Colenso especially) who’ve really embraced the
client/agency/research three way relationship. Great results have come out
of this ‘three way’ relationship. When egos
are left at the door, the consumer’s had a real voice and the creativity and
strategic thinking has been outstanding, thus a happier more profitable client. 

6) Villains

Anyone who uses ‘like me
on Facebook’ as a marketing initiative and then uses the ‘likes’ stat as a
measure of campaign success. If you win Lotto, someone young and hot might find
you more attractive, but it doesn’t mean you’re not old, fat and ugly anymore. Let’s use social media ‘data’ in its real context please.

7) Most memorable marketing moment 

Watching 1000s of people
queue to get a can of Coke with their name on it at Xmas in the park and the way
consumers embraced the campaign and its simplicity. Brilliant. 

8) A few predictions for 2013

1.     Ad optimisation research
will become standard practise as big brands demand better ROI and less

2.     Brand tracking will skinny
down to make space for more and better understanding of how different media
work and their ROI.

A new
research tool will launch that literally gives you same day answers to your
burning consumer questions.

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