The Year in Review: Holty & Duster

It’s been a cracking year for the crew of Clemenger BBDO Wellington, with the agency winning four Cannes Lions, three Gold Effies, New Zealand’s only D&AD Yellow Pencil for Ghost Chips and securing more work in The Work than any other Kiwi agency. Here’s what caught the attention of the lads at the helm, Philip Andrew and Andrew Holt. 

1) Favourite
campaign that isn’t yours

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZfkSAQWz9EHolty: For a long awaited
return to form I’d have to go for Saatchi & Saatchi’s death wish cat TVC for
Toyota Corolla. If the cat could talk, it would surely say “Bugger!” 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GbHpqfv9isDuster: I have four highly-strung
Burmese cats at home so we are constantly traumatised by that cruel and
mischievous ad. We also have beer at home and I reckon nothing
comes even remotely close to Carlton Draft ‘Beer Chase’ out of Clems Melbourne.
The best TV spot of the year if you ask me, which you did.

2) Favourite
campaign that is yours

Holty: NZTA
Flash Drive Facebook game
. A simple point
well made.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtBtOou6dYcDuster:Easy. Flybuys
‘Little bit of good.’

3) Least
favourite campaign

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBlRbrB_GncHolty: The Air New
Zealand inflight safety epics. Just tell me what to do in the event of imminent
death and then take off.

Duster: Any brand
that thinks they can be my friend on Facebook.

4) Best

Holty: Wellington.
Transformed itself wholeheartedly into the Middle of Middle-earth and inspired
some wonderful Hobbit related PR stunts. I doff my cloak to my adopted hometown.

Duster: The Royal New
Zealand Ballet.

5) Best

Holty: The AdContrarian vs. muddle-headedness.
Bob Hoffman’s refusal to believe the hype is a daily must read and a reminder
that ours is a simple business, which we complicate at our peril.

Duster: Holty vs. the asset sale

6) Heroes

Holty: The EFFIES jury, for
righting a few wrongs. 

The AXIS jury for giving the EFFIEs jury such a clear brief and the TV
networks for shhhhhhhing Harvey Norman.

7) Villains

Holty: Big Tobacco. Plain
packaging is about health, not IP.

Duster: Pre-rolls.

8) Most
memorable marketing moment

Holty: Sponsorslogos
on the All Blacks jersey
. Is it just coincidence they promptly got flogged by

Duster: ANZ Bank
trying to be nice to National Bank customers then replacing the black horse
with a large black dog and hoping no one would notice.

9) A
few predictions for 2013

Holty: Man City to
retain the Premiership. 

Duster: The recent
Wellington trend of nude running won’t last much past autumn.

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