Year in Review: Claudia Macdonald, Mango

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the marketing year that was. Here’s what Mango’s managing director Claudia Macdonald thought about 2015. 

1. Favourite local campaign that isn’t yours

Love from Land Rover, from Y&R. 

2.    Favourite campaign that is yours

Sky TV’s Neon ‘Fargo Knitwear’. Perfectly pitched. 

3.  Favourite international campaign

Mango and DDB Melbourne’s ‘Unconventional Oven’ for Kidsafe 

4. Least favourite campaign

Shouty retail ads. I turn off immediately and never remember a thing. Hence why I can’t name one campaign.

5. Your own biggest success

Specsavers’ Kids Go Free PR campaign. Not an ad in sight and extraordinary results for a great client.

6. Favourite magazine/website/TV show/radio show/podcast/news service/app/song/other

Steve Braunias. The funniest man in New Zealand writing in the Weekend Herald and elsewhere. 

7. Most ridiculous buzzword

‘’Viral” as in ‘I want our campaign to go viral’. Ain’t going to happen unless there’s a whole lot of good thinking, investment and hard work behind it. Client education is still an important part of our job.

8. Best innovation


9. Most over-hyped ‘innovation’

The flag referendum is not an innovation, it’s a travesty. The design process was lacking all rigour. We need a new flag but not one without any taste. ‘Aoteatowel’ perfectly sums up the chosen alternative.

10. Best brands

All of my clients, of course but specifically Qantas, for losing the stuffed shirt and showing they care about Kiwi travellers with some really great business decisions and a willingness to do heart warming PR.

Macca’s NZ, who are changing the game in their field. They get bagged a lot but in working with them, we know how they are committed to doing the right thing by Kiwis and in a creative way.

Bay of Islands Marketing Group, who trusted us with some big ideas and are now experiencing their fourth year of visitor growth.

And all the rest for letting us advise them, introduce them to influencers and bloggers as the new media and, inevitably, do some cool stuff that drives results. Yes, I have drunk the Kool Aid and it tastes fine!

11. Best stoush of the year

Anyone vs. Donald Trump. That man is a dangerous idiot.

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