What I hope to hear more and less of following these ‘unprecedented times’

In these uncertain times, we have adapted to cope. Yet our adaption has brought forward certain changes that our team has decided we would both never like to see again, and see a bit more of.

What I hope to see less of;

  • “These unprecedented times” (see also, uncertain times)
  • Soft piano music backing vague corporate claims of connection
  • Surprise Zoom meeting (None of us are wearing pants, be respectful)
  • The phrase ‘Alive and Kicking’
  • Multi-million-dollar businesses asking me for financial help
  • Trump
  • Justin Mowday’s legs on the Comms Council Zoom videos
  • Simon Bridge’s social media presence
  • Friday ‘social drinks’ over Zoom

What I hope to see more of;

  • Creatives forced to think on their toes
  • Innovation in how we plan and execute ideas while separated
  • Referring to our ‘Bubbles’
  • More excellent production shot using only iPhones.
  • Easing up of professional dress codes (Some amazing ideas have now come from people not wearing pants)
  • Justin Mowday’s legs on the Comms Council Zoom videos
  • Cats and dogs brought into Zoom meetings
  • MD’s welcoming their children into live podcasts and meetings
  • A focus on supporting local businesses
  • My mother
  • Jacinda Ardern keeping her cool during press briefings

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