What creative persona are you? Adobe’s latest tool aims to boost creativity in the workplace

Adobe has recently launched evaluation tool Adobe CQ (creativity quotient) that aims to help teams and organisations measure enterprise creative aptitude and capability.

In the form of a short online test, the tool determines which type of creative you are in a team, your area of expertise and what you can do to improve your creativity.

Developed in partnership with Anders Sorman-Nilsson, a renowned global futurist and innovation strategist, Jye Smith, an independent creative strategist, and WE Communications, the qualitative analysis will assign test users either The Visionary, The Leader, The Assembler, or The Challenger persona.

Take the test here.

Suzanne Steele, managing director for ANZ, Adobe says, “With the exponential growth of technology and automation, creativity has become a core driver and differentiator for businesses, teams and individuals. Creativity is no longer just an output or medium, and it’s not exclusive to designers and creators. 

“Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation and forced organisations to operate in new ways. Now more than ever, creative skills such as insight, collaboration and ideation are critical for success.”

Being a part of a fast paced creative industry, along with my curious nature, I decided it was only fair I gave the test ago. And although initially surprised with my result, after reading the description of why I am what I am, it all made sense.

After taking part in the 5 minute test, consisting of 15 questions around creativity within the workplace, I soon discovered I am ‘The Leader.’ At first I was confused, as in my workplace I am not in a leadership position, nor have I ever been at any of my previous occupations. But then I reminded myself of how much I love to plan everything me and my friends do, where we go, the itinerary, the spends, which some would describe as bossy, yet I’d say organised.

Nevertheless, planning, organising, and rounding up the troops all require a great level of initiative and creativity, which is why this test made sense. Within the workplace especially it is important to have team leaders, someone to provide learning, guidance and expertise to others, while incorporating team members ideas and skills.

Using the Adobe CQ test, one paragraph that stood out to me that describes ‘The Leader”, was the following.

“You’ve been recognised internally and quickly becoming the go-to person for creative thinking. Even when pulled in many different directions, your team is able to go from strength to strength as you infuse creativity and set yourself even greater challenges.”

This description I believe applies to myself within my social life and at home. I am the go-to woman for planning and executing almost everything, (modest I know). But I can also apply this to work life, within the few publishing companies I have been a part of I have often thought of new ideas and given my self challenges, as otherwise I would probably get bored. Im sure others would to. On a daily basis the leaders I am surrounded by at my current place of work also apply to the above description. They are consistently producing new projects, articles, designs and ideas that continue to blow my mind, and furthermore, encourage me to join in on the creative process. I believe if you have a team you can constantly bounce ideas off, then you’re winning.

The test is also a great way to point out areas that you may need to work on in terms of creativity and how you can develop these areas. It determines your area of expertise and your area of best potential. In my case, I was encouraged to check out more tools that allow me to increase efficiency and processes to drive my creativity further through online collaboration, design-thinking and concepting.

Steele says the challenge is that creativity is difficult to coach and cultivate at the same speed as the change we are currently seeing.

“At Adobe we’re committed to helping individuals and businesses grow their creative potential. We developed Adobe CQ to help leaders understand their creative ability in leadership and show how they can shape and drive creativity within their team.”

Although I was reluctant to take this test and didn’t particularly want to know what persona I am or what I need to work on in the creativity department, after taking the test and learning more about why and how this tool was created, I believe it will definitely assist teams to thrive.

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