The year’s best marketing stuff—now in handy list form

Why work when you could peruse a few end of year lists and gain some marketing inspiration for 2011 instead? Advertising Age has compiled the admittedly quite US centric ‘Book of Tens‘ for 2010, which showcases what it deems to be the year’s best creative, best apps, best iPad apps, best magazine covers and coolest out-of-home ideas, among many others. Marketing in the UK has also joined the list party and chosen its favourite moments of 2010. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out the year’s most popular YouTube videos (with Paul Henry’s Qantas acceptance speech taking top spot in the New Zealand list and Air New Zealand nabbing second and third spots with Rico and Crazy About Rugby).

And here’s the most searched for terms on YouTube in New Zealand:

January – Haiti

February – Luge

March – lady gaga telephone

April – omg usher

May – airplanes (b.o.b.)

June – billionaire

July – cody simpson

August – teenage dream

September – christchurch earthquake

October – dikshit

November – what’s my name

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