The Year in Review: The Nicks

Colenso BBDO has had some good (Doggelganger, Impulse Saver, V Paintball and Mountain Dew Skate Pinball) and some bad (having its biggest client depart) in 2011. Managing director Nick Garrett and creative chairman Nick Worthington combine forces to do their end of year opining.

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours: NZTA Legend.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours: Mountain Dew Skate Park.

3) Least favourite campaign: Abstain for the game.

4) Best brand: Stolen Rum.

5) Best stoush: Us vs them.

6) Heroes: Bryan Crawford for having the nuts to pull out of the Auckland Council pitch.

7) Villains: Tall, blonde and last seen in various boardrooms across town.

8) Most memorable marketing moment: Asia Pacific’s first creative effectiveness Lion in Cannes for TVNZ’s The Pacific.

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