The Year in Review: Phil Clemas

It was something of an annus mirabilis for the outdoor sector last year, with a revenue increase of 36 percent in Q3 over the same period in 2010 that was largely attributable to the additional activity around the RWC. There was also some intense jockeying for position in the market with APN and iSite each adding to their arsenal and purchasing Oggi and OTW respectively. APNO’s general manager and chair of OMANZ Phil Clemas shares the love. 

1) Favourite campaign: It’s difficult to call a clear winner as there were a few very good campaigns that ran on our billboards, including Steinlager’s ‘Everyone loves a comeback’, Yellow’s ‘Toolbox’, Isaacs Cider (really love their design) and Coke’s ‘RWC’ campaign. But my favourite was Vogel’s. They used a single-minded proposition with great outdoor design and very smart messaging. Loved it. Powerade also used a billboard in Quay St using a digital screen to broadcast the run-time (from fastest to slowest) of registered runners. Nice simple idea using innovative thinking.

2) Least favourite campaign: Pretty much anything Hell Pizza runs has too much cringe factor for me.

3) Best brand: Vogel’s.

4) Best stoush: Yellow and Localist, especially when they got all intense about their colours, and Matthew Ridge’s scrap with the Electoral Commission over his ‘Vote no to labour’ campaign promoting Car-fe, his vehicle hand-washing business in Greenlane.

6) Heroes: 2degrees, a big outdoor advocate and game changer for us mobile users; Lipton Tea (Hugh Jackman is someone girls and guys would be happy to hang with); NZ Love, a single-minded proposition that helped to keep our streets clean by promoting recycling leading up to and during RWC; St Pierres Sushi; and Dan Carter standing above us all on our super Spectacular in Victoria St East in just his Jockeys.

7) Villains: IRB. We understand the need to protect sponsor rights during major events but they didn’t need to act like such prats.

8) Most memorable marketing moment: The Media Awards after-party in June. It was more about relationships and fun than marketing. But then again, marketing is all about building relationships.

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