The Year in Review: Nick Vile

2011 was a big year for Adshel, with the departure of Australian-based chief executive Steve McCarthy and marketing director Elvira Lodewick, the reinstitution of the much-loved Adshel Rally after a six-year hiatus and the added buoyancy—and, in many cases, frustration—brought to the outdoor sector by the RWC. So, take it away national sales director Nick Vile. 

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours: Definitely the Vogel’s campaign during RWC, which was a fantastic example of an OOH led campaign and captured the essence of great use of outdoor. The idea was simple, topical and brilliantly executed. I wish it had been carried by us because we would have been proud to have had it. Next time.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours: The current Tip Top campaign is a good execution of our medium. Simple, fun and effective creative with a broadcast distribution of panels, so no matter where you go this summer you’ll be tempted to buy any one of their brands. From an Adshel Create point of view the “You Should’ve Gone to Spec Savers” was a great demonstration of how a smart idea executed on our medium can create talk ability. Earlier in the year Fiji Me, Please campaign was also a great example of how to generate a high level of interaction with a brand via our posters, driving people online in a participatory manner. Amazing the amount of people and the effort that went into to winning the trip.

3) Least favourite campaign: It goes without saying, really: Telecom’s Abstain, but not because of the campaign itself but the fact that no one had the conviction to follow it through. I am sure there was more of that campaign to come that would have made it all make sense. Or maybe not. Also, it has to be said the RWC sponsors were largely bereft of smart leverage activity and were most likely overshadowed by non-RWC associated brands that hadn’t paid the fortunes to be associated with the tournament.

4) Best brand: Well, I am in the target market so it has to be Steinlager for all of the reasons that have been publicised. Not only was it a great piece of nostalgia to see the White Can back, but New Zealand needed to believe that the All Blacks could do it and Steinlager enabled that to happen. They encouraged us to believe and get in behind our team. All of the creative from TVC through OOH executions was smart and delivered on the proposition. Having worked in the commercial world of professional rugby I was amazed at how they were able to tip toe through the maze of IRB trademark and IP rules and regulations. One word: outstanding.

5) Best stoush: John Key and the New Zealand media beat up of the “Storm in the Tea Cup”.

6) Heroes: Martin Snedden and team for delivering an amazing tournament that went way beyond our collective expectations by making the stadium of four million a reality. They said it but no-one believed it. If anyone deserves a knighthood it’s him.

7) Villains: All those that contributed to making the Abstain campaign the balls up that it was.

8) Most memorable marketing moment: The opening ceremony for RWC was a great marketing moment for New Zealand, and made us all proud as punch.

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