The year in review: Fiona Woolley

New Zealand Post sponsors and runs a huge number of industry events, awards and competitions. And, with Localist moving into the directories space recently, a range of new tech-related developments like Send-a-Card and some flash new data toys on offer, it’s been busily going about its future-proofing business this year. So, pull up a chair and see what Fiona Woolley, manager, market engagement at Targeted Communications, had to say about 2010.

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Youtube Video

Youtube Video Just one? Way, way too hard. I get exposed to so many amazing campaigns both as a couch-potato consumer and through judging awards. This year I’ve smiled (in a good way) at the Vogel’s ads (who knew you could do all those things to toast?), the Mini marketing tactics and the Weetbix kids.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube VideoI’m still loving our ‘Send and you shall receive’ campaign. It just makes me want to send and, well, receive.

3) Least favourite campaign

A radio ad that featured the word “nungas”. Eew.

4) Best brand

Josh & Jamie. No they haven’t paid me. But I’m open to offers.

5) Best stoush

The demise of the Media Counsel. Glenda Wynyard and supporters versus the non-supporters. I knew none of the protagonists but the passionate feelings on both sides made for a mighty gripping tale.

6) Heroes

The marketing and advertising students I’ve met this year who have the guts and gumption to take on extra projects, get themselves to industry events, enter award competitions (that cause them a heap of extra work), and who just get themselves out there. It warms the cockles of my sometimes cynical heart.

7) Villains

Villain of the year goes to the eponymous “Anonymous”, that amazingly prolific writer who pops up all over the show delivering scathing comments against all and sundry from under the safety-blanket of anonymity. Nasty.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

Each time this year that I got to hand a well-deserved and hard-earned award out to winning agencies, clients or students. I always want to hug the winners but that might scare them. So I don’t. I just enjoy the vicarious pleasure of their win. Lovely.

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