Sacre bleu! Plankton en tour, day trois

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We arrived in Cannes on Saturday, slept for 12 hours and woke to discover that Sunday is pretty much a write off outside of the Palais. It was midday before anything opened and the only people on the street seemed to be locals walking their tiny dogs. But Monday brought with it a whole different city. The weather’s picked up, the music’s louder and you can’t move without hitting a pasty delegate or promo girl.

It’s still sinking in that we’re actually here. It’s a lot to take in and we probably look a bit dazed and confused most of the time, probably a combination of obligatory drinks and jet lag.

Last night’s show was awesome, TBWA\Chiat\Day picked up two Grand Prix for the Gatorade Replay work [don’t forget this very special effort from the Very Special Group either – Ed.]. We snuck into the Carlton and had a drink with them after the show. And we did meet some of our major shareholders there, which was great. We were able to put a few names to faces and try and figure out who owned what bits of us.

We’re looking forward to seeing some more work today, the Promo, PR and Direct work we saw yesterday was truly inspiring.

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