Learn to Spin: a review

At last, a handbook for PR at its best. Spin was turned into an art form by former Tony Blair acolyte, Alistair Campbell, during the second Gulf War. So it’s been a surprisingly long time before someone finally codified this essential PR discipline into a ‘best practice’ manual. And Anne Field, a spin doctor for some 50 years, has a done a fine job of explaining the basics of:

  • Dragging out a yarn
  • Separating the shit from the sheep
  • Manipulating the threads
  • Creating a pattern of your making

Of special use are the techniques Field describes regarding fleecing, a skill that PR operators excel in but can always improve on. This book, complete with helpful pictures, will prove essential for an industry that specialises in pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

You can win a copy of this book if you provide the best answer to the question: ” a pile of rotting sheep dags is comparable to which industry beginning with P and ending in R?”

  • Vincent Heeringa is the founding chairman of SPINZ, the Spin Practitioners Institute of NZ.


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