Dolphins frolick gleefully, eventually go under

Close your eyes for a moment and think about insolvency. What do you see? Financial despair and suffering? Complicated court proceedings? Defamatory anonymous comments on websites? Aggrieved creditors chasing dodgy shysters through the woods with pitchforks and flaming sticks? Or frolicking dolphins, leaping about playfully in the ocean?

It’s not often you can laugh at insolvency, but my did we chortle when we saw the rather incongruous image that had been chosen to grace the cover of this, the second edition of the Waterstone Insolvency Manual.

Aside perhaps from children playing on a merry-go-round, it would seem you can’t really get much further away from a visual representation of insolvency than frolicking dolphins. But in this case, the old axiom appears to be correct. You shouldn’t judge this page turner by its cover. It’s a very thorough guide and includes a host of sound advice. Perhaps the inclusion of the dolphins is simply a sign of relentless optimism in the face of financial difficulty (just like the Fairfax approach to the closure of The Independent).

The only thing that would make it funnier is if the book played that fantastic dolphin noise upon opening, like the graceful sea beasts seen in the fountain in the new Instant Kiwi TVC.

Speaking of WTF, this Adidas commercial is completely ridiculous. Certainly more ridiculous than this Adidas commercial, which adds to the growing list of epic, moody, star studded numbers to celebrate the arrival of the Football World Cup.

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