A world gone digital

The MA’s Digital Day Out Event last week was an opportunity to see how advertisers and consumers are interacting via social networking sites, the internet, TV, mobile devices, tablets and instore digital signage. And what may be involved in the future if those relationships hope to be strengthened. 

Steve Garton of Ipsos, Greater China, conveyed the latest global digital trends currently being used in digital media and social spaces around the world and educated the audience on the importance of social media and how to extend conversations to the multi-tasking consumer of today’s world.

Kiwi Bank’s head of digital, Ritsa Magiannis and her digital team are putting their consumers back into personal banking due to the acceleration and drive for one-on-one interaction online. The current trends of consumers migrating to the digital space are a high priority for the bank and it has responded by creating an online customer service team that responds via secure mail inside internet banking, email, Twitter and Facebook.

Peeyoosh Chanrda of Saatchi & Saatchi, Mark Jenner of Telecom NZ and Mark Glenn of TOUCH/CAST touched on the importance of making digital persuasive, having no boundaries and using it to drive service differentiation. We were taken on a journey where we experienced their passion for the digital space and how important it was to understand how consumers interact. And the ability to combine digital with real life events clearly showed how the digital space could enter the consumer’s personal space emotionally and physically.

Simon Pohlen of Loyalty NZ, created plenty of interest by speaking directly about creating, maintaining and motivating loyal customers via digital channels and Christian Skyes of Experian HItwise offered his insights into how sophisticated New Zealanders are as internet users compared to the rest of the world (for example, 52 percent of New Zealanders were researching their products and buying online compared to 50 percent doing the same thing in Australia).

Jenene Crossan of Flossie really advocated the power and success of the digital space and showed how everyday consumers are dictating trends globally. If your content is king, you will engage with your consumers, and, just as the attendees at the conference were doing with their mobile devices, they will share it.

  • Blair Haeata is head of media sales at nGage.

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