Zavy signs deal with DataSift, accesses Facebook user data to help brands

New Zealand based social media analytics and listening platform Zavy has announced its agreement with DataShift that will provide direct access to data from 1.59 billion active Facebook members to help improve brand performance on social media.

Head of Zavy development Antony Ede called the partnership “a game-changer for the industry” as the previously unavailable data allows a full picture of consumers in a social environment to be built across any brand, campaign, topic, event, or industry, in a privacy-safe way.

Business director David Bowes says Zavy analyses key metrics surrounding a brand’s post or social media communication, to assess the brands social media strategy.

“For example, a telco could put out a post and for whatever reason and if people didn’t like it then we could see that it had overall a very negative sentiment and therefore impact on the brand.”

The sentiment will now have added meaning as Zavy will be able to go beyond public pages to look at who is talking about a brand. Zavy estimates around 90 to 95 percent of conversations about brands happens on private pages, but while visibility is important, so is appreciation for privacy.

Bowes says the topic data from users across 60 different attributions is aggregated and “anonymised” before it is received. Zavy then analyses it to give brands an understanding of who is talking about the brand with demographics including gender, age and location.

He says the sentiments can then be analysed in relation to the brand’s targeted consumers, to asses whether or not there needs to be concern over any negative expression.

As well as monitoring consumer behaviour information, Bowes says Zavy monitors brands in similar categories and “best in class” brands that are using social media well. Brands looking to refine social media strategy can look and see what others are doing.

The information is presented to brands in what Bowes calls a “simple to use, web based interface”.

“You point and click your way from understanding overall performance but also right down to what campaigns and posts and activity are driving that performance.”

He says a lot of similar tools in the market place are clunky, whereas Zavy has tried to simplify it without losing any of the information.

“We are research and insight professionals so we are trying to answer the question ‘how is social media and digital impaction on your brand?’ And I guess it’s that slightly unique take or angle on it that makes it more distinct than some other social media listening or monitoring tools.”

DataSift CEO Tim Barker says he is delighted that the Zavy team is partnering with it to offer its customers a more in-depth understanding of its target audiences.

“DataSift’s goal is to give companies worldwide the ability to gain intelligence and real business value from the wealth of data now available to them,” he says.

“With Facebook topic data, companies can gain a greater understanding of what audiences are sharing and engaging around on the world’s largest social platform in a privacy-safe way.”

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